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Everybody has their ideal workout routine - alongside the set of factors that are kept consistent every workout in order to improve training, fitness, motivation, and consistency. Some people have specific active wear sets that they always rock.

Some people have certain high in protein snacks/drinks they have before or after each workout. Some other have that high tempo, a unique playlist that gets them through their session.

There is a big group of people who would agree that music and exercise go undoubtedly perfectly together. In fact - the two of these things combined have an array of scientific evidence backing up the positive effects they can have on your workout.


1 - keeps your pace

Many forms of exercise need some sort of rhythm. From running to biking to spending some time on a cross-trainer - a lot of physical activity requires automatic rhythm.

2- boosts your mood

Everyone can agree that music, depending on the category, can definitely elevate your mood. A boost in happiness will most likely lead to a boost in motivation – in general, not just for fitness.

3 - motivation

Linking back to the previously discussed benefits, they all lead to motivation. Motivation is one of the biggest factors in exercise and is essential to sustain when regularly working out.

If you have no motivation whatsoever, it’s unlikely your fitness journey will continue consistent and successful. It’s always great to find motivators. For many people, music is a great factor in upping that motivation.

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